Video Games.
Marine Science Major.

(Source: very-sad-quotes)

Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.

* I have lived in multiple states.

*Visited several world famous theme parks.

*Traveled by plane, boat, car, and train.

*I have felt the power and vastness of the ocean while SCUBA diving.

*I have been outside the United States.

*Known true love.

*Traveled across the country.

*Had hands on experience with exotic wildlife.

*Met people from around the world.

*Hiked summits so high that you can see multiple states.

*Traveled MILES under the earth.

*Studied the world at amazing hands-on science camps.

*Went through life’s milestones struggling with the death of my brother.

*Stood front row at concerts.

*Voice acted in video games.

It seems the people who think I’m snotty for not enjoying living in a “small-town mentality” area like Knoxville are always the ones who haven’t done much of anything.

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